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If you understand technology, you can do everything yourself. And if you’re not busy, you can do everything yourself.
But if your expertise is design, and HTML makes you crosseyed, then you probably shouldn’t do everything yourself. And if you’re busy — or you want to be busy — then you definitely shouldn’t do everything yourself.
The Creative Offices has robust service options that can help freelancers and small agencies focus on what they’re good at and what’s important to them.

Website Maintenance

Human Managed WordPress

Human Managed WordPress includes a lot of value for your clients. It begins with cPanel hosting (with all the usual fixins) on a private server where only other Human Managed WordPress clients are hosted. Each month, we run manual backups and conduct a visual survey of each site, then we update WordPress and plugins. And since updates can break sites, we run a second visual survey and check all forms to make sure they’re functioning properly. If something breaks, we’ll roll back the site and alert you.
All that is in addition to keeping the server itself well-maintained and secure with regular checkups, patching, and upgrades.

Pricing Details

Retail price is $74.25/month per site, but agencies get special bulk rates that allow for healthy markups up to 50%.

2-5 Sites 6-10 Sites 11-15 Sites 16-20 Sites 21+ Sites
$66.83 $59.40 $52.68 $44.55 $37.13

Free Migrations

We’re here to lighten your load. So whenever you’re ready to get started, we’ll jump right in and get the job done.

White Label Solutions

Website Design & Development

We make our agency clients look PRO. How? Like this: