Starting at $74.25 per month

Managed WordPress

A WordPress website has many components — in addition to the core program, WordPress can be extended by themes and plugins, each of which require proper configuration and regular attention to ensure correct functionality.
Automated Managed WordPress programs do well with updates alone. But it requires human attention to spot issues, investigate problems, and make sure everything works together as expected.

A complete solution

What's Included?

Standard Features:
  • Domain Verified SSL Certificate
  • DDoS Protection
  • Continuous automated backups
  • Manual Duplicator Backups
  • POP/IMAP Mailboxes
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • Site Checkup Before & After Updates
  • Form Submission Testing
  • Hosting on our Dedicated Server
  • Security Log Checks
  • And more...

Walled Garden

Dedicated Server

Our Human Managed WordPress (HMW) clients are all hosted on a dedicated server. The Creative Offices leases an entire physical device on which only our HMW clients’ sites are hosted and served.
This isolation — combined with the assuredness that every “neighbor” site is properly maintained — provides additional layers of security unattainable on shared and virtual private server (VPS) solutions commonly employed by creative agencies.


We believe security is more than keeping hackers out; it’s about keeping businesses online. That’s why we employ:
  • Two Mirrored Solid State Disks
  • Fully Synchronized Hard Disk Drive
  • On-Site External Backup
  • Off-Site Backup with 30-minute restore guarantee
  • Site-level backups saved locally and to cloud storage

Upgrade to the next level:

WordPress Insurance

According to Sucuri security, 90% of all websites that got hacked in 2018 were running WordPress. And while the advantages of running WordPress — flexibility, ease of use, robust support, and so on — are dominating, the simple fact is that there is also risk.
We can’t guarantee a hacker won’t succeed in attacking your site. But we can insure that your site gets fixed or replaced if it does.
No deductibles. No copays. No coinsurance. That’s our promise.

WordPress Insurance starts at $112.50/month. All insurance customers are enrolled in our Human Managed WordPress program for FREE.

Discounts in Bulk

For Agencies

Give your clients peace of mind — and give yourself hours of extra time — knowing that your company’s WordPress sites are hosted in a secure environment, are maintained by real human beings, receive regular checkups and proactive repairs, and are fully insured in the event something goes wrong.
Our Agency Services program is perfect for small marketing agencies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.