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The Creative Offices caters to an eclectic mix of client types and sizes. And that’s the way we like it. Variety keeps us fresh, and allows us to “cross pollenate” good ideas across industries.
That said, there are some markets that come to us more often than others, namely medical practices, professional services companies, and even other design agencies.
Markets / Industries

Direct Primary Care, DPC

Direct Pay Medicine

Direct pay doctors face a unique challenge. In addition to common difficulties like establishing a brand/reputation, direct pay clinics also have to educate the market about their membership-based model, deter shoppers who are only interested in using insurance and consume valuable time, comply with HIPAA and other regulations, and much more.
The Creative Offices has multiple membership-based practices under management and is familiar with many of these issues.
A personal note from our founder:
The success of the direct pay model is personal for me and for my family. Before going to the lowest bidder or a to freelancer marketplace, I’d be tremendously grateful if we could have a conversation about your plans and go over some things you should know before making any commitments.

Big enough to serve; small enough to care.

Small Business

Small Businesses struggle to maintain a difficult and delicate balance — namely how to make big dreams come true on a small budget. To help, The Creative Offices offers flexible payment structures that can provide the services a business needs without breaking the bank.
Typically clients prefer to pay a 50% deposit followed up an additional 50% on completion. But we can accommodate ongoing monthly or quarterly contracts, or sell retainer hours at bulk rates and work against them as needed.


We’re proud to offer discounts on select services for:
Small Business

Our Capabilities

We offer consultative and design services for web, print, and media that can include a wide variety of options and materials that meet whatever need may be had. If you don’t see something listed that you need help with, please call 469-730-4489 to ask.


Welcome to The Creative Offices family. We’re thrilled you decided to work with us, and can’t wait to get started.

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