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The Kobdish Approach

When I started my business, I knew I was signing up for some difficult times. What I didn’t know was how important human connections would be to my success, and how enriched my life would become by building relationships with my colleagues, my clients, and my community.

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Printing Professional Checking Colors

Require Proof

Author’s Note: This post is going to be half rant/half advice.  Although The Creative Offices primarily provides website-related services, we do work with local printers

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Don’t Pierce The Veil

Every day on social media, there’s a business publishing — often using ugly and disrespectful language — whatever thoughts come to mind, forgetting to remember that many of their personal connections are, in fact, business connections. And then they’re shocked when their market disappears…

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The Norberto Effect

At the beginning of my career I earned some extra cash working for a telemarketing agency. I was a polite, well-spoken, accomplished young man, and closed roughly a full quarter of my calls. The only person with better numbers — by an incredible margin — was Norberto, a barely functioning heroin addict whose spoken English was severely broken, and whose reading skills were almost nonexistent.

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We offer consultative and design services for web, print, and media that can include a wide variety of options and materials that meet whatever need may be had. If you don’t see something listed that you need help with, please call 469-730-4489 to ask.


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